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Getting an auto loan with 600 credit score could be one of your most viable options if you have bad credit. There is help available online to make your task easier and stress-free. To get started, all you need to do is just complete a quick online application form by giving some basic personal as well as financial details. It could be difficult to determine the interest rates for a credit score 600 auto loan as many different factors, other than credit score, are involved in calculation of car loan interest rates. However, here is some vital information pertaining to auto loan APRs prevailing across the entire United States.

  • New car loan interest rates – More than 17%
  • Used car loan interest rates – In excess of 20%
  • Bad credit car finance loan interest rates can vary depending on the exact location where you live, loan amount being sought, repayment term of the auto loan and several other parameters.

FICO Score

Lenders will use it for calculating auto loan interest rates.


Developed by TransUnion to determine borrowers’ risk for new accounts.

Vantage Score

It portrays a more accurate picture of person’s financial position.

CreditXpert Credit Score

Developed by Experian and uses criteria like length of credit, payment history, credit mix.

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5 Easy Steps for Getting Low Interest Rate Car Loan with a 600 Credit Score

  • Keep credit balances low - By keeping your credit balances low, you will have much better chances of qualifying for credit score of 600 car loan with lower interest rate. To that effect, you can take some effective steps for reducing your high interest rate credit card debts as early as possible.
  • Check status of your credit - Obtain annual copy of your credit report from the major credit bureaus and find out if there are any errors on it. Get mistakes or anomalies removed in time to qualify for the lowest and best auto loan interest rates.
  • Do some smart shopping online - Extensive shopping is the key for securing car loans for credit score under 600 that fits your needs and budget. The task may be challenging but when you have a specialist to guide you, it will be stress-free and you can save time & money.
  • Pay bills regularly to cut your debts - Make sure that you are paying your bills regularly every month as that will undoubtedly help you in cutting debts. Besides, you have to be cautious while using credit cards do not use them unnecessarily unless you really need them.
  • There is little need to worry - You need not check status of your credit profile everyday because you cannot expect any kind of changes to take place overnight. Things will improve gradually as time passes; you only need to make sure that you have adopted good spending habits.

Ability to Get Low Rate 600 Credit Score Auto Loan

Credit scores below 630 are considered to be poor and applicants, who fall in this category, are likely to experience difficulties in getting approvals for new credit or may have to pay high interest rates. It is estimated that around 10% credit scores are in the range 600 to 649 and about 10.6% are in the range 550 to 599. After all this still we give you an easy options to get started. Get it now.

Finding Affordable Car Loans for 600 Credit Score – Vital Things to Consider

If you have bad credit, it is always advisable to get your car loan pre-approved. Interest rates charged can vary depending on several factors some of which are mentioned here. Finding a low rate credit score 600 car loan can be challenging. However, such a thing can be a real probability if you seek guidance from a competent local auto loan advisor.
  • Geographical location affects your interest rates
  • Status of credit report should be noticable
  • Total monthly income
  • Down payment, if any

5 Important Tips for Getting a Car Loan with 600 Credit Score at Low Rates

  • You must become familiar with the ins and outs of 600 credit score auto loans.
  • Know what exactly car loan lenders look for apart from an applicant’s credit score.
  • Make sure that your credit report is correct & accurate before you approach lenders.
  • Look for lenders that specialize in providing auto loans to borrowers with subprime credit.
  • To get the lowest car loan interest rate for auto loan with 600 credit score, negotiate tough with your chosen lender.

What You Should Do for Getting a Car Loan with a Credit Score of 600?

  • Be current on debt payments
  • Check accuracy of credit report
  • Pay off all outstanding credit dues
  • Reduce all high rate credit card debts
  • Make sure your credit balances are low
  • Have varied credit accounts to boost FICO score
  • Apply & get secure credit cards from different lenders
  • If some family member has good credit, you can use it
  • Consolidate credit debts and pay them off completely
  • Think of establishing line of credit from the bank where you have checking account